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Sport Activities


Mountaineering, Alpine Ski Touring and Caving

The great outdoors


In mountaineering, the mountain takes on another dimension and more value.  Vertical faces, voids and height become part of the scenery; soft linear horizons do not exist, nor do woods and forests.  They are replaced with peaks, ledges, glaciers, crests and rock faces that block the sky.  Mountaineering is man meeting something greater, man confronting the great outdoors.  The Club Alpino Italiano offers the possibility to experience these things.  In mountaineering courses, you can learn all the theoretic and practical skills necessary.  It is the instructor’s job to evaluate what the students are able to do, not only teach the techniques.  Climbing is a difficult activity that requires careful training.

The activities continue throughout winter with alpine ski touring.  This sport requires physical preparation and thorough knowledge of the mountain, weather and snow conditions.  Alpine ski touring combines climbing like Nordic skiing and alpine skiing down the mountain.  It could entail just climbing as far as the tree line, climbing a glacier or climbing a peak following trails and then skiing down.  The Club Alpino Italiano holds courses also for Alpine ski touring in many schools and locations.  The goal is always the same; teach the techniques to visit the mountains safely.



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Caving, a deep love


The Club Alpino Italiano organizes caving courses for those who prefer to explore the depths of the earth.  The realm of grottos and caves is a world of rare beauty, an enchanted place for the privileged few.  It is an unknown and secrete world where exploration, research and scientific studies have just started to scratch the surface.  The Club Alpino Italiano is proud of its long tradition of training and refresher courses in this field. We provide caving technique courses and we promote cultural encounters on scientific subjects applied to caving, such as karstification, volcanism, and meteorology.  In this way, we respond to the expectations and satisfy the interest of enthusiasts of this enchanting and fascinating world.



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