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Cultural Activities


Defending the environment

Protecting a delicate ecosystem



Going to the mountains means knowing and loving them, therefore, protecting them.  Behind the rugged face, there is a delicate and fragile balance.


When the Club Alpino Italiano was founded, the mountains inspired awe, they were something to explore and conquer.  Today, the enormous number of visitors use the mountain resources indiscriminately.  Protecting and respecting of these resources and their sustainable development are a ‘must’: a ‘must’ that the Club Alpino Italiano, recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as an environmental association of national interest, focuses on.


We are actively committed to environmental protection, not just its passive conservation.  The Agency for the Environment and the Technical Observatory for the environment are the structures that CAI dedicates to this end.  They are made up of experts and professionals, able to coordinate and promote the proper policies and intervene with solid projects with particular attention to protected areas.



The Central Commission for Mountain Environment Protection has promoted and coordinated all the monitoring and environmental protection activities for years.  Knowledge is the key to protection.  For this reason, the Central Scientific Committee studies and researches geology, wildlife, plant life, forests and human interaction.


Within the Club Alpino Italiano, there is a Medical Commission.  It is responsible for training and spreading information.  It holds lessons on mountain medicine and organizes meetings.  It does research in close collaboration with the best Italian universities.  In addition, it teaches first aid courses for mountain hut managers.



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