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Cultural Activities


Train the mind

Train the mind


You can go into the mountains with your mind too.  The various CAI local branches organize films, concerts, meetings with leading mountaineers and climbers and other cultural events throughout Italy.  The events are a great way to share the mountain experience and help others learn to love nature.

The Film Commission makes numerous films each year for the local branches and for the national television networks.  It contributes to programs about the mountains also with rare, priceless, historic images from the Club’s archives.  The Club Alpino Italiano is one of the founders and always in the front row for the Trento Film Festival (, a must for worldwide filmmaking about the mountains, and the Sondrio Film Festival (, an international expo of documentaries about protected areas.




Books, magazines and Internet sites are a gold mine of information for those looking for new itineraries and hidden spots.  "Guida dei Monti d'Italia" (The Italian Mountain Guide), co-published by CAI and Touring Club Italiano, is a unique collection in Italy that shows the historic and naturalistic side of the Alps and Apennines with information about the climbs and trails.  Besides the notable collection of books and guides, "La Rivista del Club Alpino Italiano" (The Club Alpino Italiano Magazine) and Lo Scarpone" (The Hiking Boot), a monthly magazine about the life of the Club should be read.  They have provided information about the mountains for more than a century.  CAI members receive both free.







National Museum of the Mountains and National Library– the height of knowledge



The National Museum of the Mountains "Duca degli Abruzzi" ( in Turin is the pride and joy of the Club Alpino Italiano.  It is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday and has 35 halls that house the most important documents, relics, manuscripts and posters that describe the immense world of the mountains.  The museum also organizes and hosts exhibits concerning the mountains.  The National Library is also very interesting; it has thousands of books and precious resources and historical documents.  Those who want to learn more about other mountains around the world can visit the Centro Italiano Studio Documentazione Alpinismo Extraeuropeo (CISDAE) (Italian Centre for the Research of Non-European Mountaineering Documents).



Go to Apri link interno nell'attuale finestra.The National Museum of the Mountains "Duca degli Abruzzi"


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