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Cultural Activities


Experience teaches

Experience teaches



The mountains are not for the privileged few.  The Club Alpino Italiano makes its vast knowledge available to everyone through the schools and courses organized by the various local branches throughout Italy.  There is something for every taste: hiking, caving or ice climbing.  In any case, it is not necessary to be extremely talented to participate in the courses; enthusiasm and respect for nature are enough.


The instructors teach the basic techniques of the various disciplines.  Those who have “the right stuff” can become experts and even instructors.  It is important to approach the mountains with basic knowledge; what clothes to wear, what equipment to use, footwear, picks, ropes, etc., how to read a topographical map, how to manoeuvre in the snow or on ice.  This kind of knowledge takes years to acquire without an instructor.




Youth Mountaineering, the mountains help children grow up



The Club Alpino Italiano has worked with youth for years and is convinced that the love for the mountains and nature is an important thing for someone to learn at a young age.  CAI offers youth mountaineering courses where the children play with and explore the wonders of the mountains.  CAI works closely with the Ministry of Education, with schools and teachers’ associations making teaching material and expert personnel available.  The objective is to teach students how to enjoy the mountains in order to round out their “education”.



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