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Service Offered


Alpine and Caving Rescue

Safety first



Not many people know the Club Alpino Italiano; however, almost everyone knows the men of the Alpine and Caving Rescue Squad.  The press often shows their heroic rescues in extreme conditions in the Alps; mountain climbers dangling from mountain walls, skiers buried in meters of snow after an avalanche or cavers trapped underground.  Their acronym is CNSAS and they are the elite. Their work is hard and challenging and they constantly train for emergencies.


In 2000, CNSAS rescued 5,025 people, 92% of whom were safe within 4 hours of the accident. It is certainly no coincidence that no more than 445 of the 5,025 people rescued were Club Alpino Italiano members.  This is because our club puts prevention first and teaches our members to know their limits and the dangers of the mountains.



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Alpine Guides: trusty companions


Being an Alpine Guide is much more than just a job.  Choosing to go into the mountains with a guide means having an expert that knows how to confront a mountain face, reach a peak and tough out any problem safely.  Above all, it means having a person that is not just a “guide” or skilled climber but someone able to communicate and pass on values such as teamwork and friendship because when you climb you are connected to just one rope.  Guides teach values such as the love of the mountains, which can help you discover the host of secrets and legends that the mountains hold.


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