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Central and National Schools


Central Youth Mountaineering and Climbing School

Central Youth Mountaineering and Climbing School


Set up as a working group a few years ago, CAI’s Central Youth Mountaineering and Climbing School was officially formed in March 2006.


Its mission is to train and update National Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Guides/Instructors/Trainers and Coaches (ANAG), i.e. the most highly qualified guides who not only provide young people with the right technical and cultural background for understanding the mountains, but also train grade 1 Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Guides.


The School’s official business is to hold these ANAG courses and to manage refresher courses for already qualified guides. This work is performed according to the requirements defined by the CAI and by the Central Commission for Youth Mountaineering and Climbing (CCAG).


The School also promotes all possible synergies with the CAI’s other central training schools on subjects such as: the technical side of mountain sports, background knowledge for responsible mountaineering and educational programmes and methods.


The final aim is to prepare qualified instructors/guides to educate young people, using mountaineering as training for life. This implies paying special attention to teaching methods.


As already said, it is formally a young organization, but in actual fact, the School is the result of several years in which ANAG training was provided directly by the Central Commission with the support of outside collaborators, many of whom now teach at the Central School.





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