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Organi del CAI


Central Administration Committee

Una foto di gruppo del Comitato Direttivo Centrale. Da sinistra a destra: Gianfranco Garuzzo, Valeriano Bistoletti, Umberto Martini, Annibale Salsa, Vincenzo Torti, Francesco Bianchi, Francesco Carrer (foto tratta dal "Rapporto sull'attività dell'anno 2006")

Central Administration Committee



The Presidential Committee includes the general president and three general vice presidents.
The Central Administration Committee consists of the Presidential Committee and two other members. The latter are proposed by the Presidential Committee according to their professional skills and their ability to carry out the programmes adopted and elected by the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee in the first session following the election of the general President.

Its members stay in office for no longer than three years: all of them can be re-elected one first time and then again after at least one year’s interruption. In this way, the Central Administration Committee is partially renewed every year. The members of the Central Administration Committee take part in the sessions of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee, voicing their opinions but without the right to vote. The Central Administration Committee is entitled to take the resolutions not adopted by the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee to the Assembly of Delegates.

The General President is the Club Alpino Italiano’s legal representative; he has external representative powers, which he can also delegate, and power to sign on behalf of the Club and his job is to:

a)     convene and chair the sessions of the Central Administration Committee and of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee;

b)     invite outsiders to the sessions of the Central Administration Committee and of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee;

c)     adopt resolutions on urgent and pressing issues, which he submits to the Central Administration Committee for ratification in the next session;

d)     report periodically to the Central Planning and Advisory Committee on the results of the management with respect to the programmes deliberated by the Assembly of Delegates;

e)     present the annual report to the Assembly of Delegates.

The Central Administration Committee as a whole implements the programmes adopted by the Assembly of Delegates and the directives deliberated by the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee; it performs political-administrative functions, identifying objectives and resources, adopting the acts associated with such functions, checking that the results of the administrative activity and of the management correspond to the directives given and performing the tasks delegated to it by the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee. Its job is also to:

a)     arrange and deal with all issues concerning the Club’s goals; in particular maintaining relations with the central administrations of the State, with all types of national or international or foreign bodies and institutions;

b)     prepare the Club’s programmes, submitting them to the approval of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee and to the deliberations of the Assembly of Delegates;

c)     submit the Club’s balance sheets to the approval of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee;

d)     appoint and revoke the Director; indicate priorities and give the consequent general directives for the administration, management, schedules to be respected and results to be achieved, results for which the Director is solely responsible. According to the Director’s proposals, the overall plan and corresponding variations are decided; except for the Director’s competences, deliberate on contracts and any other acts that affect the budgets and decide on medium and long term loans;

e)     assign tasks to its own members also in order to ensure relations between the various organs of the Club Alpino Italiano – including the Central Technical Teams – and between these and the local units for all questions regarding the Club’s goals; set up a system of internal control and one of public relations;

f)      as required and within set numerical limits, commission experts in sectors pertinent to the Club’s goals to cooperate or act as consultants with the CAI;

g)      deliberate on the edition of publications and periodicals and decide who is to take charge of these;

h)     convene the Assembly of Delegates; ratify the appointment of the electoral Committee; appoint the Commission for the verification of powers;

i)      convene the National Congress.


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