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Central and National Schools


Central Alpine Ski Touring School

Central Alpine Ski Touring School



The Central Alpine Ski Touring School provides the National Commission for Mountaineering, Alpine Ski Touring and Free Climbing with technical support regarding education in the field of Alpine ski touring, training and refresher courses for Alpine Ski Touring  instructors, relations with similar national and international organizations, solving specific technical problems connected with the practice of Alpine Ski Touring  and experimenting materials and techniques for educational purposes.

One of the School’s primary tasks is to hold a course + exam for National Alpine Ski Touring Instructors every two years. For this course the School currently has 30 National Instructors from various regions of Italy.

The initial part of the course sees instructors and students involved in training; this is followed by periods dedicated to Alpine ski touring techniques in a winter environment and in a spring environment, rock climbing techniques, techniques for walking on ice, as well as self-rescue manoeuvres.
Close attention is also paid to the cultural/educational aspect with specific theory lessons held by the instructors themselves or by experts in the field.

The School then has two refresher courses per year on the technical/educational aspects of Alpine ski touring. These are held by experts in various sectors (snow and avalanches, descent techniques, rock and ice climbing techniques).

Another of the School’s important activities is producing handbooks on the techniques and manoeuvres of the various specialities.
These handbooks are technical reference books for the Schools, ensuring the same educational standards throughout the country.






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