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Trento Film Festival

The TrentoFilmfestival was founded in 1952 with the aspiration of providing a social and cultural service in a country still struggling to rebuild after the war.  In particular, the festival wanted to invite the best Italian and international documentary producers to Trento, Alpine city par excellence, then spread the service through the normal network of cinemas and the hundreds of CAI local branches throughout Italy.


At that time, the cinema was the only way to communicate to the masses and the films from the Festival, showing the fascination of mountains and images of new countries and cultures, brought messages of hope and trust to remote communities within Italy.  The initiative was a huge success and people are still flocking to see such film shows.  Directors are keen to present their films in Trento and the city’s festival has become a crossroads for mountaineers, writers, and film makers; it is the ideal opportunity for exchanging ideas and information, both with other individuals and in the context of systematically organized meetings.


The invention of Montagnalibri has given all this a further boost and Piazza Fiera has become an international forum for mountain culture.  Many people go to Trento to see this meeting, or the antique book show, but then enter one of the film halls and are captivated by the beauty of the mountains on the screen.  Others go to Trento with the idea of getting “drunk” on films then walk from one Montagnalibri marquee to the next and are stunned by the number of works they are unlikely to find anywhere else.  Trento, in the collective imagination of international mountain lovers, means cinema, books, side shows.  Known and appreciated throughout the world.


The “Gran Premio “Citta’ Di Trento” – Gold Gentian” is the highest recognition given by the TrentoFilmfestival and is awarded by an international jury to the most representative film of the event.  In the past, it was won by celebrated works such as “Himalaya” by Valli, “Winged Migration” by Perrin, “Touching the Void” by McDonald, “Estremo Sul” by Monica Schmiedt, “Conflict Tiger” by Sasha Snow, and “The Song of the Big North” by Vanier won the Audience Prize in 2006.


The “Italian Alpine Club Prize – Gold Gentian” is given to the best mountain and mountaineering film.  The “City Of Bolzano Prize – Gold Gentian”, a partner of the Festival since 1997, is given to the best film about mountaineering sport, exploration or adventure.

Three “Silver Gentian”, the “Jury’s Prize”, the “Audience Prize” and some “Recognitions” form the rest of the awards.

Since 1957, the film festival has been flanked by international events on the latest trends and on the “playing fields” of mountaineering and cultural exploration.

In 2007, the TrentoFilmfestival celebrated its 55th anniversary.
For this historic event, the CAI decided to give the Festival a fantastic and very welcome gift, dedicating the CAI stamp for 2007 – which all members stick on their membership cards – to it.  This ensures that no fewer than 304,000 people are sure to know what has been going on in Trento since 1952.

Thank you. The people involved in the Festival will never forget this.



Italo Zandonella Callegher
President TrentoFilmfestival

(Excerpt from the interview by Italo Zandonella Callegher, titled "Il TrentoFilmfestival compie 55 anni", published on

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[Translate to Inglese:] I risultati della ricerca effettuata dall'Osservatorio Provinciale per il Turismo in collaborazione con l'organizzazione di TrentoFilmfestival, per conoscere meglio alcuni aspetti relativi alla 55° edizione della manifestazione, svoltasi nel 2007, e ai suoi visitatori.


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