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Central Technical Teams


Central Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Commission

Central Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Commission



The Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Course covers a series of activities with specific goals. These activities are well structured both in terms of content and teaching methods. All this helps to instil fellowship among our young members. The course also includes opportunities for exchanging ideas and for checking the goals set.
Both method and teaching are gauged according to the age, abilities and experience of the participants, just as the course plan has to be gauged according to the potential of the staff available. For all this the Education Project is a significant benchmark.

The CAI organizes two types of courses: the General Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Course and the Specific Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Course.

The General Youth Mountaineering and Climbing Course covers a wide range of subjects included in the Education Project. According to their experience, young people can decide whether to take a grade 1 or grade 2 course. Within the context of the same course, if necessary, there may be two streams.

The Specific Mountaineering and Climbing Courses deal with one of the specific subjects included in the Education Project or with one specific specialization.
The curriculum includes:
• the values of mountaineering and climbing and of the mountains, Club Alpino Italiano’s traditions, the history of mountaineering and climbing;

• movement: walking and climbing, off the beaten track, mountains under the snow, the underground environment;


• orientation: getting your bearings, where you are, where you are going, where you have come from;

• safety: the philosophy of safety, risks in the mountains, the weather and snow, mountaineering and climbing techniques;

• the environment: the history and geography of the mountains, how to “read” the landscape, the natural and man-made mountain environment, mountain civilizations.





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