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Central Technical Teams


Central Commission for Materials and Techniques

Central Commission for Materials and Techniques



Formed in the mid 1960s, the Central Commission for Materials and Techniques deals with the theoretical and practical study of the problems linked to safety in manoeuvering in the mountains and on rock faces. The Commission also studies the resistance and performance of mountaineering and climbing equipment.

The Commission has always worked alongside the similar Commission of the U.I.A.A. (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation): the Commission de Sécurité. The joint efforts of the two bodies focus especially on defining the standards for assigning the quality logo to mountaineering and climbing equipment and checking the correct use of the logo by manufacturers. The Commission also studies dynamic safety systems. 

It works alongside the National Commission for Mountaineering and Climbing Schools, to which it provides information on the technical aspects of manoeuvering in the mountains and on cliffs.

The Commission is made up of a small group of people, proposed by the Regional Groups of the Club Alpino Italiano to guarantee regional representation.

The Commission enjoys the support of outside consultants, mountaineering and climbing instructors, the Technical Commission of Alpine Guides and the Italian Guardia di Finanza Mountaineering School

Experimental tests and trials on materials and techniques are conducted especially in the new laboratory at Villafranca Padovana. Trials involving falling rocks and people are conducted at the Torre di Padova, at the Brentella sports centre.






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