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Central Commission for Speleology



In the context of renewing the management of the Central Speleology Commission and its functions, 2006 was also a year packed with significant commitments and meetings that involved and engaged the members of the Commission itself and the staff of the National Speleology School.

Further contacts were made with local Caving groups and with the Local Technical Teams, which have already been producing significant results for some years, supporting and promoting initiatives at all levels.

The Central Commission ratified the educational, cultural and technical courses promoted by the annual assembly of the National Speleology School held in Pescara.

The year 2006 saw another increase in the quantitative and qualitative data of the activity promoted by the National School to disseminate training and caving techniques, both at a national and at a sectional level promoted by the CAI National Speleology School.

In addition, the Management team of the National Speleology School took part in the various meetings promoted by the Central Commission in the course of 2006. In particular, two meetings of the Commission itself were held at the same time and in the same places as the Yearly Technical specialization course (Barcis) and the exam for speleology instructors (Pietrasanta). This enabled the members of the Commission to be present in two key moments for the continuity of CAI speleology and the students, in turn, were offered a hands-on chance to see how a body that most people only know by its initials works, providing their Caving Groups with feedback about the news, ideas and certainties about the Commission’s work.

In 2006 the Central Commission officially convened 5 times, during which the most significant national and international events were sponsored and supported economically, such as the International Speleology Meeting, within which some events on CAI speleology were set up and handled along with a meeting point/administrative office offering propaganda material about the activities of the Commission and of the National School as well as information on how the CAI works and on the general organization chart.

The annual CAI Caving Groups meeting was also held and all the national courses promoted by the School were supported, and some publications considered of value for the dissemination of knowledge of the Italian underground world were sponsored.




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