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Central Technical Teams


Central Commission for the Protection of the Mountain Environment

Central Commission for the Protection of the Mountain Environment



The Central Commission for the Protection of the Mountain Environment ( was formed in 1984 by the then Central Council of the Club Alpino Italiano (today the Central Management Committee).

Its job is to: promote and disseminate awareness of environmental conservation issues, also by spreading adequate naturalistic knowledge; propose to the Central Committee opportune schemes for safeguarding the natural and cultural mountain environment, with special focus on preventative actions; report any damage to the natural mountain environment to the General Presidential Committee, suggesting adequate measures; promote the formation of similar Regional and Inter-regional Commissions, favouring technical training and information for the technical directors of the Commissions themselves, to ensure uniformity of intent and planning.

It is a Technical Commission that cuts across other CAI Commissions and is called upon to interact with bodies and administrations outside the Club, providing the technical support of scientific knowledge in the field of environmental protection to the CAI’s Central Administration Committee and the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee so that they can take informed as well as conscientious policy decisions.

The Central Commission has seven members representing the major geographical areas and is present throughout the country with Regional Commissions in twelve regions and with local branch groups in other regions.

Communication between the various groups operating in the country and the Commission, and between all these and the Technical Office for the Environment is considered a top priority for genuine territorial monitoring and for getting the work done on environmental monitoring and cultural training onto the Internet.


In order to study and prepare proposals for more innovative and effective actions, Working Groups have been set up on certain strategic issues: Energy – Transport and major works – SICs (Sites of Community Importance) and SPZs (Special Protection Zones), that refer to the European "Nature 2000 network" project – Environmental education and training – GIS (“Geographic Information System”, “Territorial Information System”, TIS) – the Alpine Convention.

The projects presented and developed by the Regional Commissions, the refresher courses for TAMs (Operators and Experts) and Regional and National Training Courses are signs of constant and widespread activity.





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