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Central Commission for Publications

Central Commission for Publications



The Club Alpino Italiano’s Central Commission for Publications is currently busy printing a series of Technical Handbooks for mountaineers, trekkers and rock and ice climbers.

Among the most recent books published, following thorough updating and revision, we recall: Mountaineering and Climbing on ice and mixed, Cross-Country Skiing, Alpine Ski Touring, Speleology, Safety on vie ferrate.

Future titles include: Rock climbing techniques, Vertical ice, History of Mountaineering and Climbing, Topography and Orientation, Introduction to Mountaineering and Climbing, Climbers’ Handbook which includes Technique and safety and the main training methods.

All the Club Alpino Italiano’s technical know-how and experience is thus put at the disposal of both the Mountaineering and Climbing Schools and of all mountain lovers, with a series of smart volumes at affordable prices.

The Commission’s cultural activities are also important: it recently published the second book in its Quaderni montagna e cultura series, entitled: The Ethics of Mountaineering and Climbing and The General Index of the CAI Magazine (1955-2004), which offers an easy reference to all the subjects published in “La Rivista del Club Alpino Italiano”, making available an enormous mass of detailed material, complete with mountaineering, trekking and climbing proposals.

In the course of this year, the Vocabolario Alpinistico [Dictionary of Mountaineering and Climbing] will come out, in six languages. It examines all the relevant terms and is an important aid for mountain activities that know no limits. Another important activity is organizing and taking part in the “Giornate Culturali nei Rifugi”, meetings in the mountains to discuss key ethical and mountaineering issues.






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