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Central Technical Teams


National Commission for Mountaineering, Climbing and Ski-Alpinism Schools

National Commission for Mountaineering, Climbing and Ski-Alpinism Schools



The main aim of the National Commission for Mountaineering, Climbing and Alpine Ski Touring Schools (, formed in 1937, is to promote and develop mountaineering, climbing and Alpine ski touring and heighten awareness of all the technical and cultural aspects of these sports, with special focus on accident prevention.

In the context of the CAI’s declared aims and in accordance with the policies of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee, the Schools Commission orientates, coordinates, uniforms and checks the practical and educational activities of the Club Alpino Italiano’s Mountaineering, Climbing and Alpine Ski Touring Schools.

It checks the activity of the CAI’s mountaineering, climbing and Alpine ski touring instructors and provides them with adequate training and refresher courses.
Alpine ski touring
It provides technical guidelines and moral support for the mountaineering, climbing and Alpine ski touring activities of local branches and of individual members.

According to clause 2 of law no. 776, 24/12/1985, the Schools Commission pursues its aims in favour of both CAI members and others.

It promotes the publication of technical and cultural monographs and guidelines.

It works alongside other Central Technical Teams in projects involving laboratory and practical tests on equipment, materials and techniques.

It does everything possible to promote and develop Alpine activities in general, in compliance with mountain safety standards.

It cooperates with the other Central Technical Teams and takes part in the basic educational unit (UniCAI).

According to the data for 2006, there are 176 schools, 663 national instructors, 1,633 regional instructors and approximately 4,400 assistant instructors operating in Italy. These provide a broad range of local branch courses: three levels of Alpine ski touring and two of snowboarding, two levels of free climbing, seven courses of mountaineering, climbing and ice climbing. In 2006 no fewer than 230 mountaineering courses were organized, plus 35 rock climbing courses and 140 Alpine ski touring courses.  All in all, these courses involved over 6,000 students.









Local Technical Teams


The National Commission coordinates and makes use of its own Local Technical Teams distributed all over Italy: Centre South + Islands (CMI), Lombardy (LOM), Liguria-Piemonte-Valle d’Aosta (LPV), Trentino Alto Adige (TAA), Tuscany - Emilia Romagna (TER) and Veneto - Friuli Venezia Giulia (VFG) and of their respective inter-regional schools. Their main task is to train and update regional instructors, check and authorize permits and the post-course reports of the local branch schools and organize training courses for assistant instructors.

Activities of the Central Schools
The Central Mountaineering and Climbing School, with 45 instructors, and the Central Alpine Ski Touring School, with 33 instructors work closely with the C.N.S.A.SA., which deals with Alpine ski touring and snowboarding.
Under the supervision of the C.N.S.A.SA., the Central Schools:
• organize training and refresher courses for national instructors

• run training and refresher courses for regional instructors

• prepare the teaching programmes for local branch courses

• prepare technical handbooks and teaching aids, also in cooperation with other Central Technical Teams and with outside bodies with similar aims to those of the CAI

• conduct studies and trials on materials and techniques, self-rescue systems and teaching methods.
The Central Schools assist the C.N.S.A.SA. in the context of their relations with international mountaineering and climbing associations, sports associations, public and private bodies, schools and research institutes by providing advice and technical support.



Names Mountaineeringa and Climbing School



Names Alpine Ski Touring School



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