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Nationwide Framework


Regroupements régionaux de Sections (GR)

Regional groups of local branches


Members and local branches belonging to the same region or autonomous province constitute a regional or provincial group of the Club Alpino Italiano (GR).
The Regional Groups coordinate the work done by their local branches to accomplish the CAI’s aims in their own areas of activity. They liase with the regions and autonomous provinces in the sectors in which these have legislative power, always in compliance with the programmes adopted by the Assembly of Delegates and with the resolutions of the various CAI bodies.

Regional Groups have their own rules and regulations, which ensure compliant organizational, functional and asset autonomy. According to the regulations, each Regional Group shall have at least the following bodies:

a) Regional Assembly of Delegates (ARD);
b) Regional Management Committee (CDR);
c) Regional President (PR);
d) Regional Board of Auditors;
e) Regional board of Arbitrators.

If, due to a limited number of local branches or of members or for other reasons, not all the bodies of a Regional Group have been formed, those missing – excluding those in points a), b) and c), but including the technical teams mentioned in paragraph 8 below – can be replaced by inter-regional bodies in direct agreement with the Regional Groups involved or, in the absence of any agreement, with a resolution of the Central Management Committee. Both the former and the latter are subject to the approval of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee.

The Regional Assembly of Delegates is the sovereign organ of the Regional Group in the fulfilment of the functions assigned to it. It is made up of the same non-elected and elected delegates representing the local branches and the members of the region or autonomous province. The workings of the Regional Assembly are governed by the rules adopted for the Assembly itself, if and when applicable. The Assembly’s deliberations are binding on the members and on the local branches of the Regional Group.

The Regional Management Committee manages the Regional Group; it represents the Club Alpino Italiano along with the local branches and the members of the Regional Group vis-à-vis the bodies of the region or autonomous province and other bodies operating over an area common to several local branches of the same Regional Group; it safeguards the individual and collective interests of the Club Alpino Italiano, of the local branches and of the members of the Regional Groups; it has the power to perfect agreements with the organs of those bodies, on behalf of the local branches represented, but it cannot make commitments that involve the local branches of the Regional Groups except for annual or multi-year programmes adopted by the Regional Assembly of Delegates, or stipulated on behalf of the Regional Assembly itself or of the local branches directly involved. It can make commitments that involve the Club Alpino Italiano wherever expressly delegated to do so with a resolution of the Central Management Committee, to which it responds for its actions.

The Regional President is the legal representative of the Regional Group. Together, the Regional Presidents make up the National Conference of Regional Presidents. This has advisory functions; it is convened – at least once a year – and chaired by the General President; it is attended by the members of the Central Management Committee and of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee.

The Regional Board of Auditors and the Regional Board of Arbitrators have similar functions to those of the corresponding national boards.

Each Regional Group can set up local specialist advisory or operative teams in order to promote or to pursue the CAI’s specific ends in the Regional Group’s area.

The main territorial entities existing on the date on which this Charter was adopted are maintained, and known as regional or inter-regional areas, for the proportional assignment of central directors. The Assembly of Delegates can change the number of areas and of Regional Groups assigned to each of them.

Without detriment to what is established for the election of the members of the Central Planning and Supervisory Committee, several Regional Groups operating in the same inter-regional area can convene joint sessions of the respective Regional Assemblies of Delegates; they can resolve to adopt or maintain forms of joint coordination and collaboration, by direct agreement and in compliance with their own or with specific regulations.
Local coordination of local branches
Local branch coordination committees have representative powers regarding the local and other authorities, to the extent delegated by the local branches themselves and on condition that a) the coordination committees include all the local branches with activity zones included in the area in which those bodies have administrative responsibility, b) that the competent bodies of their own regional group have issued a specific power of attorney.



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